Friday, September 2, 2016

My Favorite Smell...

I love the ocean. The saltiness of the air, the saltiness of the water, the waves, the beach... the smell.
I love everything about the ocean. I do not get to the ocean nearly as much, although I'm looking at moving closer to the ocean... It brings me peace. I have debilitating anxiety at times and I've found that if I hear the sound of waves it helps... not as much as the smell though. That salty sea smell brings me peace.

I do not often have peace in my life. From the overwhelming guilt of my past and sometimes present, to the guilt of my babies turning out as me... I do not have peace. The ocean brings me peace even if it is as fleeting as the waves...

I do have some amazing memories of the ocean and I remember my daddy loved the ocean too...

I love the smell of the ocean and that is a smell I am so thankful for.

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