Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Technology I'm Grateful For....

Technology... What an amazing thing. I mean first, look how far it has come in such a short time. I remember when I was about 9 or 10 and being absolutely OBSESSED with Polaroid Cameras! Then a few years later it was pagers! LOL look how far we have come! Now my whole life is basically on my iPhone. 

My monsters, I mean the angels I gave birth to, have all had iPhones since they started middle school, dont judge most of the time they could only use them when connected to wifi, and the school GAVE them all iPads anyways. I honestly do not think they, or any other kid in their school, would know what to do without easy access to a device! 

I think that iPhones or any smart phone is amazing. I know people that run a whole business and provide for their families solely using a smart phone. How amazing is that? Look at how far we have come... I can easily capture ANY moment just by grabbing my phone. If something happens, I can alert people that I'm ok, or that I'm not, just by grabbing my phone. I am SO connected... Some days it is more welcome than others... But I'm thankful for it. 

If I need a pick me up I can grab my phone and open almost any app and find a picture of my kids, my daddy, my brother, my mom, even my dog and smile... If I'm lost, which does happen, I can ask my phone to "find" me... If I need some inspiration, Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram are a click away.... I'm SO connected... 

I'm SO thankful...

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