Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Whew what a four days I have had!! Sorry this post is a little late... I have been sick with pneumonia... today is the first day I woke up and did not feel like I was hit by a truck... today I just feel like I was hit by a Honda... Sooooo much better!

Funny that today on my list of thankfulness it is sound. I was just talking to a co-worker about how painfully quiet our office is. My company has two offices, one in Houston and one in Dallas. I work at the one in Dallas and there are three other people in offices around me. They are all in offices though so not much conversation between offices. My co-worker that I talk to the most is in Houston so all of our conversations happen through Skype messenger. She said her office there is the same way. It is so hard for me. I'm a talkative person. I HATE quiet... I'm Italian I'm loud by nature lol! We are not even allowed to play music at work. Craziness!

That being said, I love sound, I've never been the kind of person that relish's in quiet time. I get anxious and need to move around and make noise lol. l need the tv in the background, or kids talking, or music. I need some kind of sound. Sound is one of those things that I NEVER really think of, it is just there. Until I started this job I never really noticed how much I need sound. Now I'm very aware when I am not able to have "sound" on. Now when I say that I'm thankful for sound it means something completely different. When I first saw the word sound on the thankful list I admit, I started thinking of WHAT sounds I was thankful for... then when I saw it again today, it clicked that I was, am, thankful for SOUND. I'm thankful I can hear, sirens, screaming kids, dogs barking, noises that make people angry! I'm thankful for people talking, tv's going, music, cars honking. I'm thankful I can hear all of these things! Next time any of these things get on my nerves I'm going to think of that day at work in my painfully quiet office and say LOUDER!! :)

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